How to add a project

How to add a project: Once you've added your organization you will want to add a project that you are on.  This is for projects that are currently not on BLDUP, not projects that already exist on BLDUP.  If you are looking to add your organization to a currently existing project on BLDUP, you can do that by indexing your organization on the specific project page.  Any time you add a project it takes a little bit of time for the BLDUP content team to approve so you might not see it show up right away.   The reasons you would add a project are found below.

  • Be found for the projects that you are working on. 
  • The more projects you are connected to, the better your organizations profile will look as the projects will show up on your profile adding to your resume of work.
  • You get to add up to 5 free projects on our free level and unlimited amount of projects when you are a paid subscriber.

Watch video below on how to add a project

How to Add a Project to BLDUP ‐ Made with Clipchamp (2)