Federal and State R&D Tax Credits

The R&D Tax Credit was originally introduced in 1981, to promote research spending. In 2015, Congress made the credit permanent thereby allowing firms to incorporate the initiative into their long term budgeting and broadened the scope of qualifying sectors and activities. Research and development comes in many forms and our team of financial and technical experts can identify areas which may not seem immediately relevant. If your company is paying income tax or payroll tax this dollar for dollar credit will reduce your liability. If you do not have a tax liability but your activities qualify, the R&D tax credits can be carried forward for a period of 20 years and if you have never claimed before we can look back three years.

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Leyton’s dual approach of tax and technology ensures that all eligible company projects undergo a rigorous scientific and technical assessment, that financial calculations are in full compliance with the relevant tax legislation, and that claims are substantiated with supporting documentation.
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Samples of R&D in the Construction & Design Industry

  • Application of modern building techniques to historic buildings
  • Work carried out to meet certain environmental criteria through CAD or BIM
  • Innovative use of green or sustainable technology and methods
  • Construction in close proximity to key infrastructure
  • Development of construction solutions or processes that reduce construction time on site 
  • Development of new and innovative materials and tools
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Results and Performance

  • Our service is based on a win-win partnership with you – a fee only occurs when savings are identified.
  • We follow a clear methodology, built on tested know-how and in full compliance with current legislation.
  • We adapt to your time constraints and environment, minimizing your involvement so you can stay focused on your work whilst we fund it.

Innovation and Expertise

  • Our multidisciplinary teams consist of highly qualified consultants with several years of experience working in your industry who work together to quickly develop effective savings solutions for you.
  • We have created savings in a wide range of industry sectors: Software, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Food & Drink, Architecture and many more.
  • We are constantly monitoring market developments so we can provide the most up-to-date saving solutions and maximize your returns.

Local and International

  • With 25 offices worldwide, we remain close to our clients and thoroughly understand the markets in which we operate.
  • With offices in Boston, Massachusetts, we ensure we can travel on site at any point required in the process to support our clients.
  • We draw on our global network of teams, so you can benefit from our services in all of our locations.
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