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New Spreadsheet Feature in BI

Watch the video below to see how it works! (01/16/20)



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What is In The Know? 

BLDUP provides the only one stop networked market platform for the construction industry. Our business intelligence data platform coupled with detailed user analytics allow for better decision making that helps you win new business.

The Spreadsheet Module

Now you have access to all the data.  Well at least most of it.  We still have some locked away that we haven't given you access to yet, but that's coming.  With the new spreadsheet module you will be able to rank projects by FAR, unit count, decipher bedroom breakouts, determine project approved dates and much more.

  • See all the data on projects in a very easy to use format
  • Export your data based on your own custom filters
  • Different export options like csv, xls, and more....