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BLDUP University

BLDUP University provides online webinars hosted by industry experts covering the latest trends within the CRE industry. More webinars coming soon!

Upcoming Webinars

OxBlue Preview

Wednesday, April 5th, 2023 | 12:00PM (EST)

Hosted by L.C. Graf-Juarez, and the team at OxBlue

Presented by Alexander Argento, Vice President at BLDUP 

BLDUP University has teamed up with L.C. Graf-Juarez, and the team at OxBlue to bring an online webinar and Q&A session to learn more about using AI technology to monitor your jobsite. 

Join us for a deep dive into how OxBlue provides more than just images and video of your construction site. Jobsite cameras have become a crucial tool for construction managers and stakeholders to monitor progress and ensure project success. However, not all jobsite cameras are created equal. OxBlue takes jobsite monitoring to the next level with its advanced camera technology and management features.

Past Webinars

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Innovations in Slim Floors for Commercial Buildings

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Hans Preview

Achieving a Record Breaking Price for your Development

Webinar & Q&A with Hans Nagrath

ELM Preview

BERDO 2.0: Current Deadlines & Future Planning

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BLDUP Pro Preview

BLDUP Pro User Webinar

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