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BLDUP University

BLDUP University provides online webinars hosted by industry experts covering the latest trends within the CRE industry. More webinars coming soon!


Office Shift Pro: Sasaki’s Bold New Tool for Office to Residential Conversion

Hosted by Elizabeth von Goeler Chair of External Relations Principal and Timothy Gale Associate Product Manager

Presented by Alexander Argento, Vice President at BLDUP

Past Webinars


Learn how to leverage technology to deliver a superior sales experience

Webinar & Q&A with Spark

OxBlue Preview-1

Solving Job site mysteries with photography

Webinar & Q&A with OxBlue

goDCgo Preview

Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Enhancing Property Assets with goDCgo's Sustainable Commuting Solutions

Webinar & Q&A with goDCgo

ELM _ Actual Energy Preview

Maximize Asset Performance with Holistic Energy Management

Webinar & Q&A with ELM & Actual Energy

Sales Webinar

Live Platform Tour w/ Teddy

Webinar & Q&A with Teddy Shonts, BLDUP

Neoscape Preview

The Future of Archviz

Webinar & Q&A with Neoscape

General Ins Preview-1

Sustainability, Performance, and Competitive Costs: Can you have it all?

Webinar & Q&A with General Insulation Company

Shimahara Preview (3)

Visualizing Visualization: Showcasing the Latest Tools for CRE Marketing

Webinar & Q&A with Shimahara Visual

Schindler Preview (3)

Connected Elevators: Digital Solutions for Buildings

Webinar & Q&A with Schindler

OxBlue Preview (1)

Using AI to Monitor your Jobsite

Webinar & Q&A with OxBlue

ELM 2 Preview (1)

Incentivizing Incentives

Webinar & Q&A with ELM Consulting

Girder-Slab Preview

Innovations in Slim Floors for Commercial Buildings

Webinar & Q&A with Girder-Slab

Hans Preview

Achieving a Record Breaking Price for your Development

Webinar & Q&A with Hans Nagrath

ELM Preview

BERDO 2.0: Current Deadlines & Future Planning

Webinar & Q&A with ELM Consulting

BLDUP Pro Preview

BLDUP Pro User Webinar

Webinar & Q&A with BLDUP's Customer Success

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