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BLDUP University

BLDUP University provides online webinars hosted by industry experts covering the latest trends within the CRE industry. More webinars coming soon!


Wednesday, October 11, 2023 | 12:00 PM (EDT)

More information coming soon!

Hosted by Spark
Presented by Alexander Argento, Vice President at BLDUP



Past Webinars

OxBlue Preview-1

Solving Job site mysteries with photography

Webinar & Q&A with OxBlue

goDCgo Preview

Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Enhancing Property Assets with goDCgo's Sustainable Commuting Solutions

Webinar & Q&A with goDCgo

ELM _ Actual Energy Preview

Maximize Asset Performance with Holistic Energy Management

Webinar & Q&A with ELM & Actual Energy

Sales Webinar

Live Platform Tour w/ Teddy

Webinar & Q&A with Teddy Shonts, BLDUP

Neoscape Preview

The Future of Archviz

Webinar & Q&A with Neoscape

General Ins Preview-1

Sustainability, Performance, and Competitive Costs: Can you have it all?

Webinar & Q&A with General Insulation Company

Shimahara Preview (3)

Visualizing Visualization: Showcasing the Latest Tools for CRE Marketing

Webinar & Q&A with Shimahara Visual

Schindler Preview (3)

Connected Elevators: Digital Solutions for Buildings

Webinar & Q&A with Schindler

OxBlue Preview (1)

Using AI to Monitor your Jobsite

Webinar & Q&A with OxBlue

ELM 2 Preview (1)

Incentivizing Incentives

Webinar & Q&A with ELM Consulting

Girder-Slab Preview

Innovations in Slim Floors for Commercial Buildings

Webinar & Q&A with Girder-Slab

Hans Preview

Achieving a Record Breaking Price for your Development

Webinar & Q&A with Hans Nagrath

ELM Preview

BERDO 2.0: Current Deadlines & Future Planning

Webinar & Q&A with ELM Consulting

BLDUP Pro Preview

BLDUP Pro User Webinar

Webinar & Q&A with BLDUP's Customer Success

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